Can Full Mouth Dental Implants be Done in One Day?

Can Full Mouth Dental Implants be Done in One Day?

Mar 01, 2022

Since people are prone to losing teeth for various reasons, teeth replacement options and techniques are readily available today. Even though many teeth replacement techniques exist, dental implants are the most sought after. They naturally blend in and are reliable.

Dental implants are either full or partial. Partial implants are for when you have a few missing teeth, while full mouth dental implants are when you have a complete arch of missing teeth or multiple missing teeth.

The dentist would have to do full dental implants in several appointments in the past. Thanks to improvements in technology, some dentists now offer same-day dental implants. They are reliable and more effective since they involve minimal disruptions in your personal life.

If you are interested in same-day dental implants, you should visit a dental office like Stony Brook Dental Group. Interestingly, same-day implants are significantly cheaper than traditional ones.


  • You receive permanent teeth on the same day
  • You regain about 90% of your chewing ability
  • You only receive a single surgery
  • Saves time
  • Cost-effective as compared to the traditional implants

How Many Implants are Required for Full Mouth?

Full mouth implants are for when you have missing teeth in an entire arch. You need four or six implants to replace your teeth successfully. These implants are sufficient to hold your artificial teeth firmly. Several factors determine whether to use four or six implants.

On the other hand, single dental implants require an implant for each tooth. If you have several consecutive missing teeth, a single implant may anchor the artificial teeth to the remaining healthy teeth like a bridge.

Same Day Full Mouth Dental Implant Procedure

When you visit a dental office for the same-day full mouth dental implant procedure, the dentist first conducts a comprehensive dental examination, including 3D imaging and x-rays. A thorough examination will help them assess whether or not your jawbones are fit to firmly support the dental implants and check to see that the gums are healthy.

The dentist then creates a treatment plan which includes additional procedures that may be necessary, such as bone augmentation and sinus lift. Once the plan is complete, the dentist starts the surgical procedure. They perform all surgical procedures such as tooth extraction and attachment of implants at this stage.

The dentist creates the restorations in an in-house dental laboratory that custom fits your implants. The restorations are created with the help of the scans taken. They are placed when tested. The artificial teeth can be adjusted to your comfort level before being permanently fixed.

During a dental visit that involves full mouth implants, it’s advisable to disclose your medical history and any preexisting conditions. It helps the dentist make the best decisions, such as prescribing the right antibiotics if you suffer from certain infections.


Since the procedure is invasive, it is administered under general anesthesia. The type of anesthesia depends on your condition. Also, you do not require a waiting time since the implants are made of titanium metal bar, stabilizing the implants as they heal. It is also integrated into the jawbone quickly.


When discussing the cost of the implants, it’s always good to understand that the cost includes non-monetary attributes. It is an investment to better your life by improving your smile, speech, chewing ability, and visual appeal.

Since performing a complete arch of individual implants would be very costly, most patients prefer the four or six implants with a fixed bridge alternative. With the same-day dental restoration, the cost of full mouth implants is not bad. It is roughly three times cheaper than the traditional full mouth implants, which also require a lot of time to heal fully.


Full mouth dental restorations restore happiness and confidence in your life. They are reliable, efficient, and durable. Same-day implant procedures are now available, making it more convenient for patients. You no longer have to wait for a full-mouth dental implant procedure. You save on costs and time spent at the dentist too.

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