Root Canal Treatment in Stony Brook, NY

When a tooth becomes so severely decayed or infected that it cannot be repaired with a simple filling, a root canal may be in order—it’s the only way to save a tooth.

The term may incite fear in the hearts of our patients, as the root canal procedure usually gets a bad rap in the world of dentistry, but you can rest assured that the talented team at Stony Brook Dental Group will make sure your procedure is both seamless and comfortable.

When Is a Root Canal Necessary?

A root canal is necessary when the innermost part of the tooth succumbs to tooth decay and infection. This part of the tooth is known as the pulp. Forgoing the root canal procedure when the pulp is infected can lead to major oral health problems in the future. Without a root canal, the tooth can become severely infected, develop abscesses, and might even result in complete loss of the tooth.

Furthermore, an infected tooth can cause a lot of pain for the patient. A root canal procedure is the best and sometimes only option to alleviate the unbearable pain. Patients often experience elevated sensitivity in the tooth, particularly to hot and cold temperatures. Other indications of the need for a root canal include gum discoloration and darkening, tender and swollen gums, spots on the gums, as well as a tooth that has chipped or cracked.

About the Root Canal Procedure

You can expect to receive a local anesthetic injection to numb the area surrounding the tooth to be treated. Your dentist will isolate the area with a dental dam to protect the exposed nerves from naturally occurring bacteria in the mouth during the procedure.

The pulp is removed, and the inner part of the tooth is cleaned out with specialized instruments small enough to access the area. Once the infected tissue and nerves are completely removed, you will no longer experience any pain.

The hole created to clean out the tooth will be filled, and a temporary cap or crown will be fitted until a permanent one is ready to be placed.

For root canals and all other general dentistry procedures, you can always count on the highly skilled professionals at Stony Brook Dental Group. Give us a Call today!

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