Teeth Whitening in Stony Brook, NY

Teeth whitening is the most effective dental service to brighten your smile. Whether you need a complete whitening overhaul or want to whiten your smile by a couple of shades, Stony Brook Dental Group transforms the smiles of patients in Stony Brook, NY.

Most people think of their teeth as being white, but tooth enamel can slowly change in color over time. Your teeth may begin to appear more gray, yellow, or brown. Often, your teeth change color because of inconsistent brushing and oral care. However, there are many other factors and reasons why your teeth could have changed in color.

Using At-Home Teeth Whiteners

Have you ever tried using teeth whitening products at home? Over time, these products are effective at reducing minimal staining. However, these products take more time to provide the noticeable results you might seek. Whitening toothpaste is the gentlest option and can help remove surface stains and lighten teeth over time.

Home-use whitening products like trays and strips are more effective than whitening toothpaste. These products use peroxide, which will lessen the time it takes to start seeing results. Stony Brook Dental Group offers at-home whitening products in addition to our in-office whitening service.

In-Office Whitening

The most effective teeth whitening happens in-office at Stony Brook Dental Group. We use stronger whiteners that are more effective than toothpaste and at-home whiteners. If you are looking for fast results, an in-office whitening service is your best option.

Our in-office whitening service lasts about an hour on average, depending on the type of whitening products used. We will protect your gums from the whitening product with a protective gel. We apply a more substantial dose of peroxide across the surface of your teeth, and we will sometimes use a light or laser in certain circumstances.


Once the solution is removed, you will notice immediate results. When you leave our office, your teeth will be whiter and brighter than when you first arrived. Depending on how stained your teeth were before, you may decide to schedule future treatments until your desired shade is reached.

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