What are the Benefits of Using Night Guards?

What are the Benefits of Using Night Guards?

Jun 25, 2020

As technology continues to better dental treatment, people are quickly understanding the benefits of taking care of their oral health. When it comes to teeth, many things can go wrong. Other than needing root canal therapy, braces or aligners, people often have additional dental concerns.

People who wake up with discomfort and pain in the jaws and teeth can have a hard time going to bed at night. The tension in the jaws can be very painful for some people, which makes the single-visit dentistry very crucial.

What is a night guard?

A night guard is a device used in dental treatment for bruxism. Bruxism is a medical condition that results from excessive grinding or clenching of the upper and lower teeth. The clenching then causes a strain on the muscles of the mouth. From this, patients experience tension and pain in their jaws. A night guard is useful in preventing lockjaw and reducing the pain that comes with it.

What are some of the advantages of wearing a night guard?

A night guard may not sound like a pretty concept for a first-time user. However, putting it on might have more advantages for your situation than you may think. Here are some of them:

1. It reduces tension and pain in the jaws.

The contact between your top and lower teeth can cause some tension on your jaws. It might explain why you get up in the middle of the night with a sore jaw. If your jaws are always painful in the morning, consider visiting your dentists for dental exams and cleaning. From the visit, a recommendation to wear a night guard can help reduce the tension and pain in the jaws.

2. It prevents tooth damage.

Did you know that the teeth can perform painful grinding unintentionally? During sleep, teeth grinding can happen due to the contact of your upper and lower teeth. For most patients, they are not even aware of teeth grinding at night.

The problem with teeth grinding is that it wears down the enamel of your teeth. With time, you will experience a lot of sensitivity and tenderness. If the grinding is too excessive, you can even crack or chip your teeth. Besides, you do not want to live with the possibility of damaged teeth fillings due to grinding of the teeth. A night guard might be your only solution for this.

3. It helps prevent headaches.

The tension in your jaws can make your everyday life uncomfortable. It is not just the pain in the bone structure and jawline of your mouth that is affected. Without a night guard, you have to deal with muscle fatigues, neck pains, jaw aches, and even earaches. This is a result of excessive teeth grinding. When parts of your face are under tension or in pain, it is natural for you to experience headaches.

4. It allows for healthy sleep patterns.

Most patients that require a night guard go through a lot of hassle trying to sleep. The lack of sleep by itself can have immense negative consequences on the overall health of the patient. Instead of staying up all night because of the discomfort in your teeth and jaw, a night guard is recommended. This way, your sleep can be sound and your mornings painless.

Besides, since sleep is meant to promote the relaxation of the body and the brain, a night guard promotes relaxation. This is possible by ensuring the muscles of the mouth are relaxed through the night.

5. It helps prevent snoring.

Snoring can become very intense for people. If this becomes too common for patients, they end up suffering from sleep apnea, which is ruinous for healthy sleep patterns. By creating a space between your upper and lower teeth, a night guard allows for more air in your airflow. This considerably reduces your snoring.

6. It can help with straightening your teeth.

Even though a night guard is not the standard prescription for misaligned teeth, it can help align them. Ideally, a night guard is fitted to your dental formula. This means that with proper usage, a night guard can promote shifting of your teeth, although it will occur much more gradually than with dedicated orthodontics.

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