Is it Better to Get a Mouth Guard from the Dentist?

Is it Better to Get a Mouth Guard from the Dentist?

Oct 01, 2023

Mouth guards are essential dental appliances designed to protect our teeth from potential injuries during sports or prevent teeth grinding at night. When obtaining a mouth guard, you may wonder whether getting one from the Dentist or opting for over-the-counter options is better. In this blog, we will delve into the advantages of getting a custom mouth guard from a dentist and why it is wise to ensure optimal dental protection.

Custom Mouth Guards vs. Over-the-Counter Options

While over-the-counter mouthguards are readily available in sporting goods stores and pharmacies, they come in generic sizes and may not fit properly in every individual’s mouth. These generic mouthguards can be bulky and uncomfortable and often restrict proper breathing during physical activities. Instead, a personalized mouth guard will be made just for your mouth and teeth.

The Benefits of Custom Mouth Guards

  1. Superior Protection: Custom mouthguards offer superior protection compared to their mass-produced counterparts. Dentists take impressions of your teeth and design mouth guards that perfectly conform to the unique contours of your mouth, providing optimum protection against impacts and injuries.
  2. Enhanced Comfort: Custom mouthguards provide greater comfort, an important benefit. Instead of risking gum irritation or pain with a poorly fitting store-bought mouthguard, go for a custom-made one, which will be made from high-quality materials to provide a tight and comfortable fit.
  3. Prevention of Teeth Grinding: Tooth wear and other dental complications may result from bruxism (teeth grinding). Wearing a custom-fitted mouth guard may protect your teeth from damage and relieve stress on your jaw muscles as you sleep.
  4. Durability: Opting for a custom mouthguard is smart due to its long-lasting nature and exceptional worth. Despite frequent use, it remains resilient, retaining its shape and protective properties.
  5. Professional Expertise: Dentists possess the knowledge and expertise to craft custom mouthguards that address specific dental conditions and concerns. They can identify any pre-existing dental issues and ensure the mouth guard design accommodates ongoing orthodontic treatments or oral health needs.

Your Trusted Partner for Custom mouthguards in Stony Brook

When considering a custom mouth guard, relying on the expertise of a reputable dental practice is paramount. Your Stony Brook dentists offer personalized dental solutions, including custom mouthguards tailored to meet each patient’s needs.

Our team of skilled dentists in Stony Brook, NY, utilizes state-of-the-art technology and modern dental techniques to create high-quality custom mouthguards. We understand that every individual has unique dental requirements, and our personalized approach ensures the best fit and protection for your teeth.


Investing in a custom mouthguard from the Dentist undoubtedly outweighs the benefits of generic, store-bought options. With superior protection, enhanced comfort, prevention of teeth grinding, and professional expertise, mouth guards in Stony Brook, NY, offer comprehensive dental care and safeguard your smile.

So, if you’re seeking the best oral protection and a comfortable fit, look no further than Stony Brook Dental Group. Let our experienced team create a custom mouthguard that perfectly suits your needs and lifestyle. Prioritize your dental health and choose the best smile. Contact us today!

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