Dental Fillings in Stony Brook, NY

Many American adults have a few dental fillings—on average, three. Dental fillings are a simple and easy restorative treatment used to repair teeth that have broken or cracked, or teeth that have succumbed to tooth decay. Dental fillings literally fill in cavities.

As common as dental fillings in Stony Brook, NY may be, if they are needed because of tooth decay, this is an easily avoidable situation.

Getting Dental Fillings at Stony Brook Dental Group

When you arrive at our state-of-the-art Stony Brook, NY office for dental fillings, our front desk staff will check you in and escort you to the dentist’s chair, where we’ll make sure you’re completely comfortable.

You will find that the whole procedure is simple and easy. To start, your dentist will explain every step of the procedure to you to make sure that you understand and that you’re comfortable. He or she will also answer all of your questions regarding dental fillings and what to expect.

At this time, your dentist will also discuss with you your options for filling material. At Stony Brook Dental Group, we can provide dental fillings in porcelain, composite resin, gold, or silver amalgam. Once these are placed in the cavity, they will harden permanently.

Your dentist will administer anesthesia—most likely an injection for local anesthesia to effectively numb the site of the filling. With this, you’ll hardly feel a thing during your procedure—perhaps just a bit of pressure.

Before the tooth can be filled, it will need to be cleaned out. With specialized dental tools, your dentist will remove all decaying tissue from your tooth and then clean the area to prepare it for receiving the filling material.

Avoiding Tooth Decay

A steadfast commitment to your oral health is necessary in order to avoid tooth decay. Good oral health care is comprised of two major components—at-home care and in-office care.

At home, it is your responsibility to brush your teeth regularly and thoroughly. We expect our patients to brush at least twice a day—once in the morning and once before bed. We also recommend brushing after every meal. Furthermore, we expect our patients to floss on a daily basis. Visiting our office for routine checkups and teeth cleanings once every six months is also vital to your oral health. Give us a Call today to schedule your appointment.

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