Home Dental Care Education in Stony Brook, NY

At Stony Brook Dental Group in Stony Brook, NY, we offer many different dental services to our patients. More importantly, however, we care about prevention.

Finding a dentist near you shouldn’t just be for getting fillings and crowns. It’s every dentist’s job to promote dental health. This is the importance of home dental care education near you. At Stony Brook Dental Group, we want to preserve and protect natural teeth. It’s better, easier, and cheaper to keep teeth in excellent shape than to repair and replace them.

Brushing Your Teeth

The importance of brushing your teeth can’t be overstated. We’re constantly encouraging our patients to brush their teeth at least twice a day. Brushing your teeth will lower your risk of decay and periodontitis. The toothpaste you use is also important. Toothpaste supplemented with fluoride is very effective at suppressing cavities.

Many of our patients want to know how long they should brush their teeth. Brushing your teeth for two minutes is effective, according to multiple studies. You can spend 30 seconds brushing each quadrant or 4 seconds per tooth.

Flossing and Diet

Flossing helps us remove food and particles from between our teeth. This is known as interdental cleaning. Multiple devices can be used for interdental cleanings like oral irrigators and interdental brushes. People who don’t feel comfortable flossing can use any of the other devices with similar results.

Eating a healthy diet isn’t just important for a person’s body and overall health; it’s also important for their dental health. Frequent consumption of beverages and snacks rich in sugar is bad for our teeth. Patients should eat more fruits and vegetables. Smoking is also bad for dental health. People who smoke should try to quit or cut back.

There’s no shortage of things to do at home to improve your oral health and hygiene.

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