Low Radiation Dental X-Rays in Stony Brook, NY

At Stony Brook Dental Group in Stony Brook, NY, we can provide our patients with low radiation dental x-rays. These x-rays help us diagnose patients and plan more effective treatments.

The availability of low radiation dental x-rays in Stony Brook in our office means better dental care. When an x-ray is required, you won’t have to schedule an appointment at a radiology center. Our dentists in Stony Brook have all you need. If an x-ray is necessary, you’ll get it in the office, and we’ll have the results instantly.

Safety and Preparation

The low radiation dental x-rays in Stony Brook offered by us are safe for children and adults. The amount of radiation in these x-rays is lower than that of regular x-rays. Additionally, when getting an x-ray at Stony Brook Dental Group, we’ll use a lead apron to cover your neck, chest, and abdomen for additional protection. Special considerations might need to be taken if you’re pregnant.

No preparation is required for getting low radiation dental x-rays. Just brush your teeth before arriving at our office. We’ll take care of the rest. The x-ray machine will be positioned next to your head and will record images of your oral cavity.

Uses of Dental X-Rays

We might recommend dental x-rays for several reasons. Areas of dental decay, including cavities, are better assessed with dental x-rays. Sometimes we need an x-ray to assess the depth of a cavity before we can treat it with a filling.

Dental x-rays also help us visualize bone loss in patients with periodontitis and assess tumors or abscesses. All of these pathologies are difficult to assess with the naked eye. Knowing the anatomy of the patient’s jaw and how deep an abscess or tumor is will be much easier after getting an x-ray. Dental x-rays are also valuable before dental extractions and to assess wisdom teeth.

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