How Long Does a Full-Mouth Restoration Take?

How Long Does a Full-Mouth Restoration Take?

Feb 01, 2022

Dental hygiene is critical to overall health and wellbeing. By practicing optimal dental hygiene, you are more likely to maintain good oral health. Failure to follow good dental practices results in plaque, damaged teeth, infected gums, and missing teeth in extreme cases. In such instances, you may require a full mouth reconstruction.

If you have severely damaged teeth, visit our dentist in Stony Brook, NY, for a consultation from a professional dentist. A full mouth reconstruction is often the last resort when no other dental intervention can salvage your existing teeth. Luckily, our team is here to help you manage a full mouth reconstruction in Stony Brook, NY.

The process of full mouth restoration involves a combination of procedures to help rebuild and reconstruct the teeth in your mouth. The process involves both cosmetic and restorative approaches. Both approaches are essential to improving the teeth’s health and function and enhancing the overall appearance.

Since a full-mouth restoration can be a complex and invasive procedure, it is usually completed over several appointments. Depending on the extent of the restoration needed, it can take a considerable amount of time from start to finish. A full mouth reconstruction is associated with many lasting benefits for overall health and appearance, and our dentist in Stony Brook is here to help you through the process.

What is the Exact Timeframe to Complete a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

There is no universal timeframe to complete full mouth reconstruction, but it typically ranges between several months and one year. A full mouth restoration sometimes involves using a complete set of dental implants or multiple crowns. The time it takes to complete a full restoration depends on each patient’s individual needs.

If your dentist can use less invasive procedures, such as crowns and veneers, the time needed for a full-mouth restoration is reduced to a couple of appointments.

In most cases, several factors determine the duration of the process. They include the severity of your condition, previous medical history, and overall health status. Also, the type of reconstruction procedures used by the dentist determines the amount of time spent.

During the initial stages, the dentist will likely extract the remaining teeth that are damaged. After healing from the extractions, the dentist proceeds with the following steps: evaluating the bone density and performing a bone grafting surgery, if necessary, in cases where placing implants. The dentist then proceeds with the custom restoration plan, such as implants and dentures.

Several dental procedures may be used by dentists when performing a full mouth reconstruction. They include:

  • Full dentures

Dentures are a technique for full mouth reconstruction that entails replacing missing teeth with removable temporary teeth. Dentures are a good option for patients who have lost many teeth and would like a less expensive option. They can help restore your smile quickly.

  • Dental implants

Dental implants are the leading teeth replacement solution. Dental implants help achieve a healthy density of the jaw bone, which is critical to oral health. They preserve the health of the underlying bone structure since they are placed directly into the jaw bone. After that, they naturally bond with the surrounding bone.

  • Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on restoring the natural appearance of your teeth to reveal a more beautiful smile. It includes fillings, crowns, and veneers. Cosmetic Dentistry is used when your teeth are damaged but need an aesthetic boost. If your full mouth restoration only entails cosmetic dentistry procedures, it only takes several months to be completed.

  • Orthodontic treatment

Orthodontics is a solution for patients with crooked teeth, which may affect your bite. Having straight teeth makes brushing and flossing easier, which helps prevent periodontal disease easily. In addition, it aids in rebuilding the structure of the teeth. The procedures in orthodontic treatments include braces, fixed space maintainers, and special fixed appliances.


Although a full-mouth restoration can be a lengthy process, it is beneficial to your oral health. Let the dentists at Stonybrook help you determine the ideal restoration/cosmetic procedures depending on your needs.

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